The Minnetonka Police Department has a rich tradition of using K-9 partners in police work. K-9s are used for search and rescue, drug identification, tracking of criminal suspects, and crime prevention work.

The Minnetonka Police Department established its K-9 unit in 1976, with Jim Rasicot as the first K-9 handler. Since then, the Minnetonka Police Department has had 10 K-9 handlers and 17 dogs. Fifteen of the dogs have been German shepherds; the other two dogs were Belgian Malanois.

Officers and their K9s

  • Officer Jim Rasicot: King & Cabe
  • Officer Judd Beattie: Otto
  • Officer Lowell Ballard: Otto
  • Officer Bob Craig: Bumper, Tonka & Logan
  • Officer Rick Dvorak: DJ & Nellis
  • Officer Janet Koch: Major, Wodon & Levi
  • Officer Andy Gardner: Cora
  • Officer Kevin Anderson: Arco
  • Officer Ryan Piper: Astro & Krieger
  • Officer Troy Denneson: Bode & Ringo
  • Officer Tim Olson: Kato
  • Officer Joe Mace: Duke