In the majority of Minnetonka’s parks, there are off-leash areas and leash required areas. Since we do not have any fenced off-leash areas, knowing where off-leash is allowed can be a bit challenging. Here are some guidelines:


Leashed areas

Dogs must be leashed in the following areas:

  • Parking lots
  • While on or within 15 feet of a paved trail
  • While on or within 15 feet of a gravel trail
  • On mowed grass
  • Near picnic areas
  • Near playground areas


Please note, leashes must not be greater than 6 feet in length.

Off-leash areas

Dogs can be off-leash in the following areas:

  • Non-mowed grassy areas
  • Dirt paths created by people and pets in the non-mowed areas.


Off-leash areas

Rules for the ‘off-leash’ areas:

  • The dog must be in sight of the owner/handler at all times.
  • The dog must be under voice command at all times.

Entire park

Rules for the entire park:

  • Owner/handler must have a leash (no greater than 6 feet in length) with them at all times.
  • “Electronic leashes” are not considered a proper leash.
  • Owner must pick up after their dog from all areas of the park.


The above rules are enforced by City Ordinance 1135: Park Regulations.

Help us keep our parks safe for all users by following these rules!