2725 Oakland Road


  • Off-street parking (handicap accessible)
  • Playfield
  • Outdoor hockey
  • General skating
  • Roller hockey
  • Shelter building (handicap accessible)
  • Two tennis courts
  • Play equipment
  • Picnic area (handicap accessible)
  • Picnic shelter (handicap accessible)
  • Trails, walking (handicap accessible)
  • Trails, biking
  • Trail restrooms

Meadow Park is located on Oakland Road, just north of Stone Road in Ward 2. Classified as a Community Park, Meadow offers a balance between active, passive and preserve uses. Active amenities located on the western ten acres include playground equipment, hard court, tennis courts, two hockey rinks and an informal baseball field. During the summer months, there is a seven-week playground program. During the winter the park offers a warming house and hockey rinks (weather dependent). Passive users of the park can enjoy its trails system and sitting/viewing areas. With more than 100 natural acres within its boundaries, it is a beautiful preserve site.


Archived parks renewal information

Please note: This information is part of an archived record of the parks renewal process. Some items, such as concept plans, may not reflect the final plans and current state of the park.