The City of Minnetonka has worked cooperatively with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Hennepin County, Lake Minnetonka Conservation District, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, City of Wayzata, and the Gray’s Bay Task Force to acquire the property known as the Gray’s Bay Public Access.

The City of Minnetonka and the DNR have entered into an agreement to allow the City to operate the site as a public boat launch facility.

The site will include general parking for 112 vehicles and trailers and 21 car only spaces. In addition, the City of Minnetonka will own and operate 29 permanent boat slips and a building that will include an office, vending, public restrooms, and storage. Of the 21 car only spaces, 14 will be reserved for boat slip lessees.

Existing boat launches on the causeway and at the Gray’s Bay headwaters will be closed following completion of this project.

Operating Season

The operating season is estimated to be April 1–October 31, weather and ice-out dates permitting.

Hours of Operation

There will be 24-hour access to the facility during the operating season. Staffing hours will be at the discretion of the City of Minnetonka.


Services are expected to include the following:

  • Vending (snacks, beverage, oil, maps)
  • Gas
  • Waste Pump Out
  • Other services not provided by the City of Minnetonka
    • All services contracted by any Gray’s Bay Public Access user must be approved by City of Minnetonka Facility Management

Maintenance of Facility

The City of Minnetonka is responsible for City owned facilities that include the building and boat slips. Other amenities including the landing, launch, boarding docks, and parking lot will be jointly managed and maintained by the City of Minnetonka and the DNR.

Boat Slip Leasing

Eligibility for Boat Slip: Boat slips will be leased to Minnetonka residents only, including residents of rental properties, with one application accepted per residence. The city of Minnetonka must be the principle place of residence and applicant must reside at the residence listed on the application. Registration of the boat moored in the slip must match the name and address of the applicant to whom the slip is leased.

Allocation of Boat Slips: Throughout the year city of Minnetonka residents can apply to be placed on a waitlist for the purpose of filling future boat slip vacancies. The waitlist is an ongoing list with new applicants added to the end of the list as they are received. The first person on the waitlist will be the first person contacted for any vacancy that arises. Only one application showing one resident name will be accepted per residence.


Term Length: One-year lease term with a courtesy option to renew each year until the slip holder no longer wants the slip, no longer qualifies under eligibility requirements, or a special circumstance dictates the slip cannot be renewed, for a maximum of eight years.

Use of Boat: Use of boat moored in slip is for personal use only. Park regulations included in the City of Minnetonka ordinances will be enforced on marina grounds.


Fees related to the operation of the Gray’s Bay Public Access are defined in the facility business plan.

Gray's Bay Marina Operations Plan