14350 Excelsior Boulevard
Intersection of Excelsior Boulevard and Woodhill Road

The Glen Lake Activity Center has meeting space for up to 50 people. It can also be divided into two smaller and equal size rooms by using a collapsible divider wall. There are restroom facilities, and the building is available for rental Sunday through Saturday, between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Reservations are accepted and processed on a first come/first served bases and arrangements can be made either in person at the Facilities Office located at the Minnetonka Community Center, or by telephone at 952-939-8390. A two-hour meeting minimum is required for this facility.

Guidelines for Use

  • Renter may not charge admission, collect money, sell merchandise or services, or exchange money of any kind unless specifically approved by Facility Management at the time of reservation.
  • Tape, tacks, glitter, cut-outs, confetti, stickers, etc. are prohibited.
  • There are no kitchen facilities available for food preparation or storage. Only snack type food items are allowed. Please dispose of remaining items in waste containers provided. Clean up any spills immediately and alert staff if any spills require mopping.
  • If you know that your event will most likely create a larger mess (craft projects, etc.), please bring cleaning supplies as these are not provided. The staff will sweep and/or mop the floors, but you are responsible for picking up after your event. Please notify the staff in advance if you feel you will need additional garbage bags and they will be provided for you.
  • Any items brought into the Glen Lake Activity Center must be approved prior to your meeting date(s) by calling Facilities Management at 952-939-8390. ( i.e.: decorations, food items, craft projects, etc.)
  • All items brought into the Glen Lake Activity Center must be removed at the end of the event; overnight storage is prohibited.

Staff meets you approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of your reservation and returns approximately 15 minutes prior to the end of your reservation. If no one from your group shows up within 15 minutes after your scheduled start time, staff will leave and the building will remain locked. If you need to cancel your reservation, please call the office with as much notice as possible at 952-939-8390.


  1. 1. Introduction
    The Glen Lake Activity Center (GLAC) is operated by the City of Minnetonka under the policies and guidelines established by the Minnetonka City Council. The GLAC is available for general community use. The facility contains one big meeting room to accommodate 60 people, or the room can be used as two separate rooms.

    The City Council recognizes the desirability of having the GLAC used as much as possible by residents and community groups. This policy promotes the active use of the GLAC while establishing priorities for use of the facility and outlining scheduling procedures and guidelines. It also sets reasonable rules and regulations for use of the facility.
  2. Priorities for use of the Glen Lake Activity Center
    This section of the policy identifies priority classifications for use of the GLAC. Listed below are the classifications in descending order of priority.
    1. City government: Any events related to the administration of City government including, but not limited to, City Council meetings, other public meetings, and neighborhood meetings have first priority for use of the facilities.

      For the purpose of reservations, groups and/or events in this category will use the facility free of charge.
    2. Minnetonka based public agencies, civic groups, non-profit organizations or resident groups: Second priority for use of the GLAC is given to other tax supported public agencies which affect citizens of Minnetonka, Minnetonka based civic groups and organizations which contribute to the well-being and betterment of the community such as Senior Clubs, Lions Clubs, Scout Troops, Theater organizations, etc., and resident groups holding neighborhood meetings are included in this classification.

      A public agency, civic, non-profit or resident group is considered Minnetonka based, if it has its headquarters or mailing address in the City of Minnetonka or has at least 35% of its membership roster residing in the City.
    3. Minnetonka based commercial and business organizations and residents for personal use: Third priority for use of the GLAC is given to Minnetonka based businesses and commercial organizations and to Minnetonka residents who wish to use the facilities for personal use.
    4. Other individuals, groups, and organizations: Last priority for use of the facility is given to non-resident individuals and groups and to commercial or business organizations that are not based in Minnetonka.
  3. General information regarding use of the Glen Lake Activity Center
    1. Scheduling procedure
      1. Groups or individuals wishing to use the GLAC should make arrangements through the facilities staff. Prior to scheduling outside groups, the facilities staff will first schedule all City program events and activities.
      2. Scheduling the facility will be on a first come-first served basis based on the priority listing outlined earlier in this Policy. Individuals and groups from within Minnetonka (classifications A, B, and C) may reserve the facilities as much as 12 months in advance. Non-resident individuals and groups may only reserve the facility as much as 6 months in advance. However, once an activity has been scheduled, it cannot be replaced by a higher priority group unless an acceptable alternate space can be arranged.
      3. Residents may not reserve a room or facility for non-residents.
      4. The facilities staff may limit the number of dates an individual or group may reserve in advance to ensure that one group does not dominate use of the facility.
    2. Supervision, damage, and liability
      1. Every group using the facility must be under competent adult leadership. The organization or user group will assume full responsibility for the groups’ conduct and for any damage to the building or equipment. The City reserves the right to assign supervisory staff or maintenance personnel at any additional cost to the user if it is necessary because of the type of function or activity that is scheduled.
      2. The City will not assume liability for loss or damage belonging to an organization or group. Storage of equipment in the GLAC is not permitted.
      3. All organizations, groups or individuals using the GLAC may be requested to sign a waiver of liability on a form provided by the City and provide a Certificate of Insurance as proof of liability coverage.
    3. Room regulations
      1. Disorderly conduct of any kind is prohibited.
      2. Any damages to facility or equipment must be reported immediately to the staff.
      3. Rooms and areas must be cleaned and left in an orderly condition. If additional effort beyond our normal cleaning is required, a fee for personnel costs associated with the cleaning may be added.
      4. Smoking/Tobacco is prohibited in the GLAC. This building and all other City-owned facilities are designated as smoke free.
      5. Any organization, group, or individual reserving a facility will be fully responsible for any damage to the building or equipment and any unlawful acts.
      6. Gambling of any nature is prohibited.
      7. Meetings and activities should be confined to the areas reserved for their use. Room assignments should not be modified without the approval of the facilities staff.
      8. Sales, fundraising and collection of monies please refer to Section III, D.
      9. Alcohol is not permitted at the GLAC.
    4. Fund raising activities Only Minnetonka based public agencies/civic groups/non-profit and/or resident groups (Classification B) may conduct fund raising activities at the GLAC.

      These activities must be in keeping with the atmosphere and decor of the center and approved by the Facility Manager.

      If an event is to be a fund raiser, whether it be by charging admission, selling articles, advanced sale or any other means of collecting monies for fund raising, the group conducting this fund raiser will be charged any costs incurred by the City, including but not limited to supervision, setup, cleanup and utility costs. In addition, the group may be required to show they are non-profit by providing proof of their 501c3 status.
    5. Cancellation
      The City reserves the right to cancel any activities or event in the case of natural disaster, Act of God, etc.
    6. Violation of rules
      Violation of these rules may result in the denial of future use of the GLAC. Denial of use does not exempt violators from possible prosecution under applicable City ordinances, State or Federal laws.
    7. Fees
      Fees for the GLAC are administered consistent with fees established by the City Council for Minnetonka Community Center meeting room use.

Amended: March 5, 2001


A 30 days notice is required for canceling or changing a reservation without penalty. If less than 30 days notice is provided, no refund is granted.

If a group does not show up for a reservation, a $25.00 fee will be charged to the permit/reservation holder in addition to the fee for the hours reserved. This fee must be paid prior to making any future reservation.

Rental Rates

Rate schedule subject to change

  • Minnetonka-based non-profit groups/organizations: $5/hour.
  • Non-Minnetonka-based non-profit groups/organizations: $10/hour.
  • Resident: $15/hour.
  • Non-resident: $20/hour.

All non-profit groups must submit documentation of non-profit status; i.e. 501c3 form.