What categories of sex offenders must register?

The state of Minnesota has defined by law three categories of sex offenders that must register. They have also defined notification guidelines for the public.

In 1996, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Community Notification Law (Minnesota Statutes 244.052) that permitted the release of information about certain sex offenders in Minnesota. The intent of the legislature was as follows: “If members of the public are provided adequate notice and information about an offender’s release, the community can develop constructive plans to prepare themselves.”

Before this law, most information regarding predatory offenders was known only to law enforcement agencies and the Department of Corrections. Beyond those agencies, information about offenders was classified as either private or confidential.

Community Notification allows some private or confidential information about some offenders to be converted to public information. In Minnesota, the amount of information and the scope of individuals to whom information is released is indicated by the risk level assigned to the offender by the Department of Corrections. The higher the risk level number, the more information that can be released and the broader the audience that will receive that information.

For information on registered level three predatory offenders in Minnetonka, visit the Minnesota Department of Corrections web site.