A driveway permit is required for any new or realigned driveway, including the replacement of an existing driveway.

See the city code and charter (Chapter 11, Section 11.05) for driveway requirements. To obtain a driveway permit as part of a building permit application, call 952-939-8394. For all other driveway requests, call 952-939-8238. Approval times may vary.

Answers to common driveway questions

Do you live on a county road?

Contact Hennepin County for permitting requirements if a driveway will directly access a county road. Apply for permits with Hennepin County’s e-permitting system.

Do you live on a private road?

Driveways connecting to private roadways do not require a driveway permit from the city.

Are you considering a concrete driveway?

Concrete driveways constructed on streets that have bituminous curb (no concrete curb and gutter) should stop two feet short of the road.  Minnetonka Public Works will pave the final two feet to ensure snow plow access. Contact public works at 952-988-8400 for more information or to coordinate pavement.

Does replacing an existing driveway require a permit?

Driveway permits are required for any project crossing the right-of-way (the area between your property line and the street), including replacement of an existing driveway. Seal coating, patching or minor maintenance do not require a permit.

Do you have a two- or three-car garage?

The size of your garage determines the maximum width of your driveway in the right-of-way, which is the area between your property line and the road. Two-car garages are allowed a maximum driveway width of 20 feet; three-car garages are allowed a maximum driveway width of 30 feet.

Do you live near an intersection?

Driveway entrances or exits must be constructed a minimum of 45 feet from any corner.

Are you able to have more than one driveway access?

You are permitted to have two driveway accesses if you have at least 110 feet of frontage, which is the width of your property along the street. The combined width of both driveway accesses cannot exceed 35 feet.

Do you live on a steep lot?

The maximum allowable driveway grade is 10 percent.  Please contact the City of Minnetonka’s engineering department at 952-939-8200 with questions regarding this requirement.