When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required for any construction, alteration, repair, relocation, enlargement, demolition or change of use or occupancy to any building or structure regulated by the state building code. This includes building additions, decks, sheds more than 200 square feet, work to a permanent weather resistant surface (siding, roofing, windows) and finishing of previously unfinished spaces.

Who can apply for a building permit?

Building permits can be issued to contractors licensed by the state of Minnesota, or to homeowners for work done on the property they have homesteaded. In signing and submitting a building permit application, a homeowner acknowledges that they own and occupy the home where the work will be conducted, and they will personally and physically perform all of the work.

When is work inspected?

Work may require a variety of inspections. Possible inspections include:

  • Framing inspection
  • Re-roofing inspection
  • Footing Inspection, before pouring

Project Instructions

Permit Checklists

Required Forms


Applications should be filed using the city's online ePermits system. For those choosing to submit hard copies, use the PDFs below.

Fee Schedule (pdf)