The fifteen members of this board:

  • advise the city council on the needs and status of seniors in the city, recommending ways in which those needs may be met
  • determine and assess existing resources in the city which may be utilized by seniors to meet their needs
  • evaluate/assess proposed programs, grants and other governmental activities which may impact seniors
  • recommend policies, goals and objectives for operation of Senior Services
  • work with staff and the senior services manager

Members serve two-year terms and meet the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m.

Minnetonka Senior Citizen Advisory Board

Revised October 12, 2017

Miranda Aurelien, Board Member

Vickey Brouillette, Board Member

Frances Dranginis, Board Member

Judith Hansen, Board Member

Richard King, Board Member

Chris Meyer, Board Member

Tom O'Reilly, Board Member

Ron Parker, Board Member

Tom Scott, President

Bonnie Sussman, Vice President

Tim Temple, Board Member

Robert Waddell, Board Member

Wendy Woodfill, Secretary

Steve Pieh, Senior Citizen Advisory Board Staff Liaison - 952-939-8366

Upcoming Meetings and Agendas and Minutes

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