The information below refers to the banquet room, which is the community room and dining room combined.

The building closes Sunday–Thursday at 10 p.m. and Friday/Saturday at 12 a.m. Renter is permitted an additional 30 minutes after their permit end-time to remove their items.

Maximum Seating

  • 250 banquet style (tables & chairs)
  • 300 theater style (chairs only—only 250 chairs supplied)

Rate schedule

Please view room rate schedule for banquet room.

How far in advance can I reserve the banquet room?

Residents can reserve the banquet room up to 18 months in advance and non-residents up to 12 months in advance.

A resident cannot reserve the room for a non-resident—if found in violation, the reservation will be revoked and deposit will not be refunded.


Alcohol Deposit


  • Minnetonka Police security is required if serving alcohol–beer, wine, champagne only.
  • Hard liquor is not permitted in the Community Center.
  • Renter must provide attendant (at least 21 years of age) to serve beer, wine, and/or champagne.
  • Drinks must be available at no charge and servers may not accept gratuities.
  • If serving alcohol, renter must provide proof of $300,000.00 or greater in liability insurance coverage.

Damage and Cleanup Deposit


  • Kitchen and room damage/cleanup deposit depends upon activity
  • No personal checks accepted for damage/cleanup deposit
  • If no damage or additional cleanup is incurred, your deposit will be returned within 10 business days of your event.
  • If there is evidence that hard liquor (i.e. vodka, rum, tequila, liqueurs, etc.) was consumed or served on the premise or that beer, wine or champagne was served without first securing security through the city, renter will forfeit the full deposit

Additional deposits

Additional fees and/or damage deposits may be required for unique set-up or decorations.


  • Dinnerware, flatware, glassware: $.25 per item
  • Projection screen, easel, piano: No charge
  • TV/DVD: $15
  • LCD projector with laptop/DVD/VCR: $100
  • Coffee
    • 36 cups: $10
    • 55 cups: $15
    • 100 cups: $25
    • Included: percolator and coffee only
    • Not included: cups, cream, sugar, stir sticks, and napkins

Tables Available

  • 23—5 round: up to 8 chairs
  • 16—6x3: up to 8 chairs
  • 4—8x3′ up to 10 chairs
  • 4—3x3′ up to 4 chairs

Setup and Decorations

Only room setup and tear down of tables and chairs is provided. All decoration plans and any additional room setup must be approved by the Facility Manager. Tape, tacks, glitter, confetti, cutouts and ceiling decorations are not permitted. Only self-contained candles are permitted. Renter assumes responsibility for any damage resulting from decorations and/or special setups. Renter must remove all items brought into the facility immediately following the event.


  • Room: approximately 100′ x 45′
  • Permanent dance floor: half circle, radius approximately 17′


  • If serving food, renter must use a licensed caterer or have proof of $300,000 or greater in liability insurance.
  • Overnight storage is not permitted.
  • Lobby areas are not available for use unless advanced permission is arranged. A fee would apply.
  • Renter cannot exchange money, charge admission, collect money, or sell merchandise or services unless specifically approved by Facility Management.
  • City of Minnetonka facilities are smoke-free. Ashtrays are available outside main entrances.