History Commission

The Minnetonka History Commission was originally created to oversee and advise city staff on renovation of the Charles H. Burwell House. Once that project was complete, the history commission turned its attention to other duties, including administration of the city’s Landmark Designation Program and various other activities to heighten community awareness and appreciation of the city’s history.

During discussions at the last three history commission meetings of 2008, members agreed that a reorganization of the various history activities of the commission would result in a more effective and dynamic history effort for the community.

To that end, at its Nov. 17, 2008, meeting, the members of the history commission voted unanimously to recommend to the council that the ordinance creating the history commission be repealed, and that the duties be reassigned among city staff, the Minnetonka Community Commission and a new Burwell Advisory Group. This action was approved by the Minnetonka City Council at its Monday, Dec. 22, 2008, meeting.