Page load speeds

While most visitors to this site may connect to the Internet with a high-speed connection, many still use a slower dial-up connection with a modem. This site uses a variety of techniques to help pages to load quickly.

  • The code used to create this Web site is kept as simple as possible to help decrease the file size so pages load quickly.
  • Much of the code used to control the way the Web site displays is stored in external stylesheets: with this technique, your web browser only needs to download this code once, no matter how many pages you visit on this site.

    This too helps to speed up page downloads.

  • In a similar way, most of the images on this site are the same on every page so that your web browser only needs to download them once.

    All images, including those unique to each page, have been optimized to keep the file size as small as possible, so that they load quickly.

  • If you are using a dial-up connection and need to turn off images to speed up page loads, the site will still look just fine. The design of the site looks fairly similar even if images are turned off.

    Alternate text is available for images where you might want to know what others are seeing when images are turned on.

  • Some pages have PDF files available when you need to download a document for printing or a long document for viewing on screen: these include forms, publications like the Minnetonka Memo, meeting minutes, and information on city projects, for example.

    We try our best to compress these documents to keep the file size low, and for some especially large documents, we may break the document into several parts, to allow those with a dial-up connection to more easily access the information they need. If you are having trouble accessing a certain document, please let us know, and we will see what we can do to help.