Keyboard navigation

You may find it easier to navigate this site through the use of a keyboard, rather than with a mouse.

If you are living with an impairment to your vision or mobility, this may be the only way possible to navigate a Web site.

We have tried to give additional tools to make it easier to access the information on this site with the keyboard.

A list of access keys is available: this allows you to access certain pages with a simple key combination. The pages chosen are based on one of the few standards available, which was created by the UK government. Adding additional key combinations can affect the use of common functions in many web browsers, which is why this limited selection of digits is used.

Using the tab key

We have also worked to make this site usable with the tab key. The content on each page is in a sensible order for screen readers: first comes a few useful links, followed by the main content of each page, followed by related information and local navigation, then the page footer and finally the extensive global navigation. Tabbing on each page follows that same order, so that you do not need to tab through all the global navigation links before getting to the main content on each page.

The first links on each page also allow you to jump to a specific section of the page, including the content, local navigation or global navigation. By tabbing to one of these links and pressing enter, you can jump right to that area of the page and continue tabbing through links from there.

Please note that in the global navigation, you can only tab to the main section headings, as well as the subheadings for the section you are currently in. This is so that you can quickly tab to one of the main sections, rather than having to tab through every single page within each section.

Your browser might have additional tools to help you navigate this site with your keyboard. For example, in Opera, you can use the s key to cycle through the headings on the page to quickly get to a specific section of content on the page. You can also use the w key to move backwards through the headings on the page. The help information for your browser may have additional information.

If you have further questions on how to access this site using your keyboard, please let us know.