Map of Minnetonka Trail System (PDF: 9 MB)

Minnetonka has miles of running, biking and walking trails. These trails are part of the 40-mile Loop Trail Corridor System which has been planned, developed and maintained by the city. Over three-fourths of the system has been constructed. Most trails are maintained throughout the year.

Pocket maps of the trail system are available at city hall or by calling the city’s trail hotline at 952.93.TRAIL (952.938.7245).

Etiquette and Safety

Trails are shared by bicyclists, hikers, runners, walkers, and dog walkers. By respecting the rights of other trail users, the trails will be safe and enjoyable for everyone!


  • Horse and motorized vehicles (except handicap) are prohibited.
  • No stopping or loitering. If you stop, move off the trail.
  • Yield to slower trail users.
  • Travel on the right. Single file usage is preferred.
  • Use caution when passing. Pass on the left, only when safe. Pass only in a single file line.
  • When overtaking fellow trail users, warn them by activating a bell, horn, or whistle and saying “Passing on your left” or “Passing.”
  • Bikers must yield to pedestrians.
  • Stop at road crossings and look for cars.
  • Proceed at a reasonable speed (15 mph maximum).
  • Obey all traffic signs and basic rules of the road.
  • For your safety, yield to motor vehicles at intersections.
  • Stay on improved part of trail.
  • Proceed slowly around blind curves, steep hills, and bridges.
  • Watch for children, strollers, dogs on leash, wildlife, and other trail users.
  • Watch for wet or slippery surfaces, sand, acorns, rocks or washouts.
  • No littering. Please use the trash cans provided.
  • Trail closes at 10:00 p.m.
  • Minnetonka strongly encourages bikers to wear helmets.

Dogs: Trails and Parks

  • Dogs must be on a close leash (6′ or less).
  • You must pick up and properly dispose of dog droppings. Dispensers with plastic bags for droppings are placed along the trail. Please use them!

City ordinance requires that dog owners must clean up after their dogs.


Please view this short presentation on the history of Minnetonka’s trails system (PDF).