Chemical treatments for emerald ash borer

Adult emerald ash borer
Ash treatment (David Cappaert,
Michigan State University,

Many homeowners want to know whether or not they should protect their ash trees with chemical treatments. While insecticidal treatments are available and can in some situations protect individual trees from an emerald ash borer attack, the decision can be difficult. It’s important to consider the financial and environmental costs of treatments, the benefits of shade trees, and how valuable your tree is.

If you elect to treat your tree(s), evaluate your options first. Rather than treating every ash on your property, devise a strategy that involves replanting and chemical treatments. Some homeowners may continue treatments on select trees until their new trees are established.

Also know that some treatments can be applied by homeowners and others only by professionals, and that different application methods exist. If you treat your trees on your own, be sure to read the pesticide label and follow its directions to avoid contaminating our water resources.

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