Traffic Enforcement Unit

A trailer displays the actual speed people are driving.The Minnetonka Police Department traffic unit was formed in 2000 to specifically address rising concerns from the community regarding residential speeding. In addition to high visibility patrol, education and enforcement, the three officers are dedicated to traffic issues with the following key priorities:

  • Neighborhood problem solving to address concerns and coordination with other city departments.
  • Public education and prevention campaigns.
  • Traffic enforcement with attention to issues that address citizen concerns and promote accident reduction.

If you have a traffic concern that you would like help with please call our traffic unit at 952.939.8576. If unanswered please leave a message and an officer will get back to you. If your concern needs immediate attention please dial 9-1-1 and a Minnetonka police dispatcher will assist you.

Explaining the Ted Foss law

The “move over” law, also known as the Ted Foss Law, was written after Minnesota State Trooper Ted Foss was hit and killed by a semi-truck on August 31, 2000, during a traffic stop. The law is designed to give emergency vehicles room to work on the portion of roadway they are occupying by requiring passing motorists to leave a lane vacant between them and those parked emergency vehicles. The law also requires that drivers reduce their speed as they pass the location of the emergency vehicle(s). Emergency vehicle is defined by Minnesota statute as the following: towing vehicles, police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks. For information about current traffic saturation details in Minnetonka, visit the Traffic Details page.

Traffic safety tip: Turn on your headlights in bad weather!

If you’re driving a vehicle and visibility is impaired by weather, smoke, fog, or any other condition, Minnesota state law requires that the vehicle headlights be turned on. And remember, the “auto” headlight setting in many vehicles does not ensure headlights will be activated in inclement weather. The Minnetonka Police Department reminds you, to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone around, please be sure your headlights are on during limited visibility situations.

For more information about the Minnetonka Police Department’s traffic unit, please visit the Traffic Enforcement page. You’ll learn more about what the police department is doing to ensure traffic safety, and also find out where officers will be concentrating efforts each week on traffic enforcement!