Parades, Block Parties, and Races

Feet pound the pavement during a marathon.If you are planning an event that will involve the use of a city roadway, call the Minnetonka Police Department at 952.939.8500. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers about block parties. For more information visit Parking Questions and Parking Regulations.

My neighbors and I would like to have a block party, and would like the street closed for that purpose. How do we get permission for the police department?
At least one week before your block party, a completed application (PDF) for permission to block off the street for block parties must be submitted to the Minnetonka Police Department.
Do all my neighbors have to agree to have the street blocked off?
Yes. All of your neighbors must agree, in writing, to the closing. Please submit a separate piece of paper, listing neighbors’ signatures, with the block party application.
Are some streets preferred over others to block off for a party?
Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets are preferred for permit approval, although through streets will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis.
If approval to block off our street is granted, who is responsible for barricades?
The person receiving permission to block off the street is responsible for setting up and taking down barriers. If the street is closed during other than daylight hours, this person is also responsible for setting up and taking down warning lights.
Where do I get barricades and warning lights?
The necessary warning lights and barricades will be furnished by the city. A city truck will deliver to and pick up from the person authorized to block the street.