The Minnetonka Police Department includes 56 sworn officers and 19 non-sworn support staff members, with an annual budget of $9.4 million.

We encourage feedback and would like to hear about your interaction with police department personnel.

Police Administration

The office of the chief performs the overall administration of the department. Support staff provides the payroll, purchasing, personnel and administrative record keeping for the department.

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Scott Boerboom
Chief of Police
Shannon Gabrielson
Administrative Assistant

Patrol Division

The patrol division provides proactive patrol, incident response and first response to medical emergencies in the City of Minnetonka. Community service officers (CSOs) assigned to this division provide domestic animal control and assistance to the patrol division. The city considers traffic enforcement a high priority and has taken a three pronged approach to the issue: engineering, education and enforcement.


Andrew Gardner
Captain of Patrol Services

Support and Investigative Services Division

This division has three components: records, 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point and investigations.


Shelley Petersen
Captain of Support and Investigative Services
Scott Marks
Community Engagement Officer

Investigative Services

This unit provides follow-up investigation to criminal incidents and major cases, and then presents cases for charging to the city or county attorney. The Minnetonka Police Department has investigators specializing in retail and general case investigations and participates in the Southwest Hennepin County Drug Task Force.

In addition, the department has four officers assigned as school liaison officers in the Hopkins, Minnetonka and Intermediate #287 school districts.

Department staff coordiante the intelligence-led policing for the department and also compiles monthly crime statistics, making the information available to the public through the Crime Statistics and Maps page.


The records section maintains all case reports, enters information relevant to criminal histories and fingerprints and serves as the reception point for the police department.


Robin Shoen
Police Records Supervisor
Fax: 952-939-8245


   Minnetonka has its own 9-1-1 public safety answering point, providing emergency assistance for police, medical and fire requests.


The Minnetonka Police Department is committed to preserving a safe community while providing quality customer service.

Core Values: FAIR

  • Fairness: We will provide service free of bias or injustice
  • Accountability: We will take responsibility for our actions
  • Integrity: We will adhere to our code of values
  • Respect: We will be respectful in our interactions with others

We share in a city-wide commitment to the Shared Values (pdf) which are: authentic communication, contagious enthusiasm, shared success, adaptable learning and innovation, outcome focused teamwork, and healthy human relationships.