16501 Grays Bay Blvd


  • Off-street parking (handicap accessible)
  • Trails, walking
  • Trails, biking
  • Resource stewardship
  • Fishing
  • Canoe landing

Often referred to as Gray’s Bay Dam site, Minnehaha Creek Headwaters is located off of the east side of Gray’s Bay on Lake Minnetonka and is north of Libbs Lake Beach. As a special-use park, it does not have a strong direct relationship with the other parks in this service area, other than to augment the amenities they provide. With the construction of the new public boat landing at Gray’s Bay, the public boating access at the Headwaters Park site was removed in spring 2003. Headwaters Park retains the canoe/kayak launch into Minnehaha Creek.

Archived parks renewal information

Please note: This information is part of an archived record of the parks renewal process. Some items, such as concept plans, may not reflect the final plans and current state of the park.