Slices of Minnetonka

Images of our city

The image at the top of each web page is updated regularly to show a new “slice” of Minnetonka. As these are just glimpses of what makes Minnetonka so wonderful, the full images are available by clicking on the “slices” below. If you would like to submit one of your photos for inclusion in the “slices” of Minnetonka, please contact Jacque Larson, community relations manager, at 952.939.8207.

Fire truck ladders stretch into the blue, blue sky.
Subject: Fire truck ladders
Photographer: Jason Stenvold
A frog peeks out of a flower.
Subject: Frog
Photographer: Chuck Salisbury
Two fox kits sit at the foot of the Burwell House porch as mother fox saunters away.
Subject: Foxes at Burwell House
Photographer: S. Krake
Cattails and the sunset reflected in Minnehaha Creek at Jidana Park.
Subject: Jidana Sunset
Photographer: Christine Petersen
Honorable Mention, 2010 Photo Contest
A butterfly perched on a flower.
Subject: Butterfly
Photographer: Cathy Lund
A green tree frog hidden in green leaves.
Subject: Tree Frogs on our Porch
Photographer: Flannery Daley
A Bohemian Waxwing sitting on a bare brunch with fruits hanging from the boughs.
Subject: Bohemian Waxwing
Photographer: David Cahlander
A snowman holding a flag, with another flag behind it.
Subject: Red, White and Blue Snowman
Photographer: Roberta Wheeler
A road in winter, with snow perched on the pine boughs.
Subject: Winter Road
Photographer: Bill Vollink
Flowers from the Minnetonka Farmers' Market
Subject: Flowers from the Minnetonka Farmers’ Market
Photographer: Joanie Michaud
Bumblebee about to dock, Cal Kirchhof
Subject: Bumblebee about to dock
Photographer: Cal Kirchhof
Minnetonka Lights, Bill Vollink
Subject: Minnetonka Lights
Photographer: Bill Vollink
A pond in the fall, with brightly colored leaves, wetland foliage, and a wooden fence along the shore.
Subject: Fall pond: 2007 Photo Contest
Photographer: Bob Launderville
The various intstruments of the Medicine Show Band, playing at the Burwell Ice Cream Social
Subject: Burwell Ice Cream Social: Medicine Show Band
Photographer: Jason Stenvold
Two bulldogs cooling off in a pool
Subject: “Staying Cool in Minnetonka,” 2004 Photo Contest
Photographer: Bruce Sandberg
A fawn looks at the camera beneath pink flowers while mother deer looks on.
Subject: “Sunday Morning Surprise,” 2004 Photo Contest
Photographer: Gordon Larson
Skating at 2006 Kids Fest
Subject: Skating at 2006 Kids’ Fest
2004 Photo Contest: Winter Window, Steve Yochum
Subject: “Winter Window,” 2004 Photo Contest
Photographer: Steve Yochum
2004 Photo Contest: My Backyard, Steve Yochum
Subject: “My Backyard,” 2004 Photo Contest
Photographer: Steve Yochum
Minnetonka Open House: firetruck rides, Jason Stenvold
Subject: Minnetonka Open House: firetruck rides
Photographer: Jason Stenvold
 Minnetonka Open House: firehoses at work
Subject: Minnetonka Open House: firehoses at work
50th Anniversary Fireworks, Jason Stenvold
Subject: 50th Anniversary Fireworks, Jason Stenvold
Photographer: Jason Stenvold
Minnehaha Creek headwaters, Dean Elstad
Subject: Minnehaha Creek headwaters
Photographer: Dean Elstad
Sunset on Jidana Trail, Dean Elstad
Subject: Sunset on Jidana Trail
Photographer: Dean Elstad