MyMinnetonka Projects

MyMinnetonka allows you to provide online feedback on projects during their approval process. You can also receive e-mail updates on projects, so you can keep up to date on the projects you are most interested in as well as learning about new projects in the city.

An alternative to e-mail: RSS

You can even receive information on projects via feeds, if you choose.

Creating an account

How do you begin?

The most convenient way is to create a MyMinnetonka account.

Your name and address are required when providing feedback on projects: your name is used only for internal purposes, and you can opt-out of having your address appear in the public staff report for a project.

If you think you may provide feedback on more than one project, creating a MyMinnetonka account saves you from having to enter your name and address more than once: all you need to do is login with your username and password! (Don’t worry: if you forget your username and password, you can always request a reminder.)

Creating a MyMinnetonka account also allows you to request e-mail updates for projects. You will always have an option to unsubscribe from e-mail updates. In fact, you can update any of your account preferences at any time.

Are feedback and updates always available?

Please keep in mind that online feedback is only available for projects that are in the approval process: once a decision has been made, the online feedback form is no longer available for that project. Also, some projects have more frequent e-mail updates than others, so don’t worry if you don’t receive updates right away. Once projects are archived, e-mail updates are no longer available for that project.

Providing feedback

How do you get started with providing feedback? Take a look at the list of projects. On the project page for each, you’ll find a MyMinnetonka link that will tell you whether feedback or updates are available for that project. That is also where you can find the RSS feed for a project, if you would prefer to receive updates via RSS.

Comments or questions?

We hope you find the MyMinnetonka system easy to use, but if you have comments or questions on MyMinnetonka, please contact Marc Drummond, Web Technologies Coordinator, at 952.939.8384 or