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Ordinance no. 2014-20 (PDF)
An ordinance rezoning the existing property at 12201 Minnetonka Boulevard from B-2, limited business, to PUD, planned unit development, and adopting a master development plan.
Police department auction (PDF)
Beginning August 12, 2014
Ordinance no. 2014-19 (PDF)
An ordinance amending city code section 710.00 regarding certain fees.
Absentee ballot board (PDF)
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, beginning July 1, 2014 or at the call of the city clerk if necessary
Ordinance no. 2014-18 (PDF)
An ordinance amending city code section 300.02 adding certain zoning definitions.
Ordinance no. 2014-17 (PDF)
An ordinance repealing and replacing city code section 300.22 regarding planned unit developments.
Ordinance no. 2014-16 (PDF)
An ordinance amending an existing master development plan and approving final site and building plans for the conversion of an existing storage facility into an educational facility at 3500 Williston Road.
Ordinance no. 2014-15 (PDF)
An ordinance amending the master development plan of Carlson Center, approving final site and building plans with variances for a multi-family residential development at 501 Carlson Parkway.
Ordinance no. 2014-14 (PDF)
An ordinance amending city code section 710.005 regarding fees.
Ordinance no. 2014-12 (PDF)
An ordinance amending Minnetonka city charter section 6.05, regarding purchasing.
Ordinance no. 2014-08 (PDF)
An ordinance rezoning the properties at 17113 Minnetonka Boulevard from office to planned unit development, adopting the master development plans, and approving final site and building plan review.
(Exhibit A).
Ordinance no. 2014-07 (PDF)
An ordinance amending sections 300.02, 300.18, 300.19, 300.20, 300.21 and 300.31 of the city code; requiring conditional use permits for microbreweries in the B-2, B-3, PID and I-1 zoning districts.
Ordinance no. 2014-06 (PDF)
An ordinance authorizing the issuance of licenses for off-sale brewpubs, off-sale small brewers, and on-sale brewer taprooms; clarifying food requirements for retail licensees; amending sections 600.025, 600.030, 600.035 and 600.070 of the Minnetonka City Code.
Ordinance no. 2014-05 (PDF)
An ordinance authorizing disposal of certain property near Minnetonka Boulevard and Highway 169.
(Exhibit A).
Ordinance no. 2014-01 (PDF)
An ordinance amending city code section 100.005 regarding city council salaries.
Ordinance no. 2014-02 (PDF)
An ordinance rezoning the property generally located at 9731 Minnetonka Boulevard to PUD, Planned Unit Development, and adopting a master development plan.
(Exhibit A).
Ordinance no. 2014-03 (PDF)
An ordinance rezoning the existing properties at 100, 116, 118, 200, 220 and 302 Parkers Lake Road from R-1, low-density residential to PUD, Planned Unit Development, and addopting a master development plan.
Ordinance no. 2014-04 (PDF)
An ordinance removing areas from the wetland and floodplain overlay zoning districts and adding new areas to the floodplain overlay district.
Ordinance no. 2013-19 (PDF)
An ordinance regarding certain city fees.
Police department auction (PDF)
Beginning November 7, 2013.
Police department auction (PDF)
Beginning October 28, 2013.
Ordinance no. 2013-17 (PDF)
An ordinance amending the existing Morrie’s Subaru Kia Master Development Plan, and approving final site and building plans, for expansion of the automotive use at 12520 and 12608 Wayzata Boulevard.
Ordinance no. 2013-16 (PDF)
An ordinance regarding commercial kennels, hobby breeders and multiple animal locations.
Ordinance no. 2013-15 (PDF)
An ordinance regarding Woodhill Plaza.
Ordinance no. 2013-14 (PDF)
An ordinance regarding Park Valley Estates.
Ordinance no. 2013-13 (PDF)
An ordinance relating to bow fishing on Lake Minnetonka.