2007 Photo Contest Results

Each year, in conjunction with the Minnetonka Fire Department and City-Wide Open House, the Minnetonka Community Commission hosts a photo contest for residents. Below are the winning entries from the 2007 photo contest.

Winning entries

  • Jeff Adrian earned first place for “Lakeside Serenity,” a photo of a seated person silhouetted by a lakeside sunset. Jeff will receive $75 and a certificate of recognition.
    A man sits by the lakeside fishing as the sunset bathes the water in an orange glow.
  • Stephanie Ferguson earned second place for “Winter to Spring,” a photo of a bridge spanning the Minnehaha Creek, behind Minnetonka City Hall. Stephanie will receive $50 and a certificate of recognition.
    Mist blankets a bridge over wetlands, with snow and leafless trees beside the trail.
  • Tom Arnold earned third place for his entry, “Wading with Grandchildren in Minnehaha Creek,” a photo of children and their grandmother playing in Minnehaha Creek. Tom will receive$25 and a certificate of recognition.
    A grandmother holds the hand of her grandson as he explores Minnehaha creek, while her two granddaugters splash in the water.
  • Bob Launderville earned honorable mention for his entry, “Beautiful Fall Colors,” showing a fence, pond and trees at the height of autumn. Bob will receive a certificate of recognition.
    Cattails, trees bright with fall colors, and a wooden fence line the shores of a pond.
  • Bill Vollink earned the people”s choice award for his entry, “Minnetonka: Where Wildlife and Residents Co-Exist,” showing a Labrador retriever and a white-tailed buck coming face-to-face on a Minnetonka trail. Bill will receive a certificate of recognition.
    A deer viewed from behind stares at a labrador retriever just a short distance down the trail.

Other entries

“Green with Envy”
red lilies
Allen Wade
“National Night Out at Cedar Hills: Our Home, Our Neighbors”
“Sailing into Sunset on Lake Minnetonka”
sailboat on lake
Amy Mingo
“Sunflower Growing in Our Balcony Garden”
Amy Mingo
“Twin Sisters Frolicking in Minnehaha Creek”
two girls in creek
Mercedes Arnold
“Learning to Fish with Uncle Dave on Holiday Lake”
girl with man in green jacket
Mercedes Arnold
“Learning to Fish with Daddy on Holiday Lake”
Girl with man in plaid jacket
Mercedes Arnold
“Meadow Park Wildlife”
Butterfly on single purple flower
Babette Graswinckel
“Meadow Park Wildlife 2”
butterfly on multiple purple flowers
Babette Graswinckel
“A Walk in the Park”
woman with dog on trail
Carol House
creek in the woods
Carol House
“Stairway to Heaven”
stairs in the woods
Carol House
“Doing the Twist”
twisted tree branches han
Sally Ann Chevalier
“Bethany Evink and Stephen Mages Taking Invertebrate Samples in Minnetonka Wetlands as part of Wetland Health Evaluation Program”
manman and woman with sample jars
Chuck Heuser
“Chris Carlson Taking Invertebrate Samples in Minnetonka Wetlands as part of Wetland Health Evaluation Program”
man in wetland with net
Chuck Heuser
“Stephen Mages Staking Out a Sample Vegetation Area in Minnetonka Wetland as part of Wetland Health Evaluation Program”
man in algae pond
Chuck Heuser
“Harvest Home”
pumpkins and wagon wheel
Jeff Adrian
“Music at Dunn’s”
Jeff Adrian
“Minnetonka Feels Safe to Me”
firefighting apparatus
Jerry Johanning
“Minnetonka Grazing”
Joe Hayden
“The Lake at Sunset”
sunset between two trees
John Kallas
“Lone Lake Sunrise”
dock, lake, fall trees
John Piepkorn
“August 18, 2007, from Gray’s Bay Road”
speedboat on lake
Karen Ryding
“My Son and His Best Friend at the ‘World Series’”
two baseball boys
Kyle Gallagher
“Fall Fun in Minnetonka”
boy and girl in leaves
Lisa Wandrei
“Lone Beached Rowboat”
rowboat on beach
Maren Lack
“Williston Fitness Center Exercisers”
Women excercising in swimming pool
Marti Cermak
clouds on marina water
Molly Leatherman
“Sunset at Marina”
sailboats at sunset
Molly Leatherman
clouds in the sky
Molly Leatherman
“Minnetonka means to my wife and I that our kids love to come back here every year for a visit. This is Anna from Sacramento.”
girl on trampoline
Norm Valentine
“Louis Learning About the Ecology of Minnehaha Creek at Gray’s Bay Dam”
boy on boardwalk with sign
Nancy L. Powell
“Mmm… Delicious!”
butterfly on orange daisy
Rauindra Chintapalli
“A Place in the Sun”
geese on dock
Robert House
“Lazy Afternoon”
two girls in a canoe
Samantha House
“Minnehaha Summer Cruzin’”
Minnehaha ferry boat
Stephen Kane
“Fishing Ahead of the Storm”
fishing boat on lake
Stephen Kane
“August 26—From My Deck”
sun behind clouds and tr
Stephen Vomhof
“Fall in Minnetonka”
Stephen Vomhof
“Minnetonka Sunset”
Stephen Vomhof
tiny waterfall in creek
Robert House

2007 Contest rules

This year’s photo contest was hosted by the city’s newest commission, the Minnetonka Community Commission. Formed earlier this year by the Minnetonka City Council, this commission’s primary charge is to foster partnerships between the city and schools, businesses, faith community and other organizations in order to encourage community engagement.

To that end, the commission wanted to use this year’s photo contest to learn more about what Minnetonka means to residents. Below you can find the rules for the 2007 contest. While rules may change for the 2008 photo contest, the guidelines below are good to keep in mind as you take photos for next year’s contest!

  • Photographers must be residents of Minnetonka.
  • Entries must be submitted by the original photographer. Do not submit a photo taken by someone other than you. Your submission of the photo and entry form is your guarantee that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo.
  • This year’s theme is, “What Minnetonka Means to Me.” Photos will be evaluated on how well they convey this theme. The commission is especially interested in photos that reveal the diversity of people, faiths, landscapes, neighborhoods and organizations within the community.
  • Photos must be appropriate for posting in city government publications. Photos containing recognizable people must be accompanied by a signed model release form (PDF).
  • Entries may be color or black-and-white prints or digital images. If you submit prints, you are encouraged to also submit a digital image, if possible. Specific rules regarding digital images are listed below.
  • Prints must be 4x6 or 5x7 inches. Do not send negatives. Attach a label to the back of each print with your name and address. Do not write on the photo itself. If submitting multiple entries, number each print to match a corresponding entry form (see form below). Up to three entries may be submitted.
  • Photos, regardless of the medium, will not be returned. Please do not send your only copy of a photo. All photos become the property of the city of Minnetonka and may be used on the city’s Web site and in city publications.

Digital Images

Digital images were emailed to jlarson@
or submitted on a CD. Please note that some photo files may be too large to be emailed. Images should be submitted in JPG (high quality) or TIFF format. Digital images should be submitted at the original size and resolution at which they were taken. Images must be in natural color. Black and white images will be accepted, but sepia tone and duotone images are not eligible. Digital images will not be returned.

Image Modifications

Minor digital enhancement is allowed, but images that have been significantly modified or appear unnatural will be disqualified.


All photos and digital images were submitted by Wednesday, October 3, 2007, at 4:30 p.m. and were displayed at the Fire Department and City-Wide Open House Tuesday, Oct. 9, from 5 to 8 p.m.