Natural Resources

The natural resources division was created in 2005 to promote a more comprehensive approach to natural resources in Minnetonka. The natural resources division is responsible for:

  • Promoting city policies to protect the city’s natural environment
  • Forestry programs
  • Water and wetlands protection
  • Restoration programs
  • Development guidance and inspection
  • Education and outreach for residents on natural resource topics.

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Vision and goals

The city’s motto— “Minnetonka… where quality is our nature” is echoed by our residents as they year after year rank natural resources as one of the top reasons they choose to live in Minnetonka. As we work to preserve our quality neighborhoods and provide exceptional city services, we will always be aware of the delicate balance between the need for urban services and the importance of protecting and managing our natural surroundings.

Minnetonka’s commitment to its natural resources is expressed through the vision and goals of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, the basic guiding document of the city. It is also outlined in the city’s strategic vision and goals:

  • Protect and improve our water resources and woodlands.
  • Facilitate open space preservation.
  • Respect the natural environment while managing growth.