Two women sitting on a couch, upset with each other, in need of mediation.Mediation is a voluntary process that brings disputing parties together in a neutral setting to resolve issues. It has been used effectively for conflict between agencies and citizens; builders and homeowners; businesses and consumers; divorced parties; family members; juveniles; landlords and residents; neighbors; and victims and offenders.

The city of Minnetonka contracts with Community Mediation Services, Inc. (formerly North Hennepin Mediation Program) to provide free mediation services to local residents and business owners. Meeting room space for the mediation process is provided in the Minnetonka Civic Center complex.

Two women, sitting on a couch, discussing their disagreements during a mediation session.At the mediation session, the mediator facilitates the discussion, asks questions, and writes up any agreement the parties reach. The mediators are not judges and do not impose a solution. The parties themselves decide on the actual agreement. More than 90 percent of voluntary mediations result in an agreement, and of those, 90 percent abide by the agreements.

Anyone can open a case. Names, addresses and phone numbers of the parties involved in the dispute are required. Information is taken by phone, fax, or e-mail. Parties do not need to agree to mediation before mediation services are contacted.

Contact Community Mediation Services, Inc. by phone at 763.561.0033; by fax at 763.561.0266; or via email at .