District Court

Court gavelAll judicial proceedings, including civil, criminal and family courts, are handled by Hennepin County. Visit Hennepin County or call 612.348.6000 for more information.

Court Appearances

To set a court date for a Minnetonka violation, contact Hennepin County District Court. Cases handled by Minnetonka prosecutors are generally held at Division III, Ridgedale Court, 12601 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka. Contact Ridgedale Court at 612.348.2040.

Traffic Tickets

To learn how much a traffic ticket will cost you, refer to the fee schedule on the back of the ticket or call Hennepin County Court at 612.543.1400. You can also look up the fine amount for a citation and pay it online by visiting the Hennepin County citation payment page.

Self-Help Center

Hennepin County District Court has two walk-in Self Help Centers that offer services to people who are representing themselves in court. Learn more about about self-help center locations and services.

Conciliation Court

Conciliation Court, sometimes known as small claims court, handles actions involving less than $7,500. This might include suing to recover unpaid wages or to request that specific property be returned to you. A lawyer is not needed for small claims court. A Hennepin County handbook entitled “How to Use Conciliation Court” is available at any of the suburban courts or at the government center. Visit Hennepin County Conciliation Court for more information.

Administrative Citation Hearing Program

As an alternative to the regular court system, the city of Minnetonka offers an administrative citation hearing program to review alleged violations of city ordinances, such as animal issues and food safety violations. The process is intended to be more informal and less intimidating to alleged violators. A hearing officer who is not affiliated with the city listens to both sides of the issue and makes a determination.

If you have received a citation for and have any questions, contact Laura Ronbeck at or at 952.939.8219. Do not contact Hennepin County District Court about an administrative citation, as they do not handle these situations.