Smoke detectors

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about smoke detectors. Call the Minnetonka Fire Department at 952.939.8598 if you have further questions.

What kind of smoke detector should I buy?
Smoke detector.The Minnetonka Fire Department does not recommend specific smoke detectors manufacturers, but we do recommend that electric smoke alarms be hard-wired and UL listed. In addition, many older model smoke detectors have no test button. If your smoke detector is more than ten years old, consider replacing it.
Where should I install smoke detectors?
Install a smoke detector between each sleeping area and in the remainder of the building. Where a sleeping area is served by a hallway, install the detector in the hall. Install the detector on or near the ceiling in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation instructions. If in doubt, call the fire department at 952.939.8598.
My smoke detector is beeping.
What’s wrong with it?
A smoke detector sits in ashes with a battery and teddy bear.The problem is usually a weak or improper battery. Replace with a fresh battery as recommended by the manufacturer or replace with a 110-volt hard-wired smoke detector.
My smoke detector goes off a lot.
What’s wrong with it?
There could be a number of causes for repeated false alarms from a smoke detector. Dust particles can and often do set off false alarms, so first try cleaning the smoke detector with a vacuum cleaner brush. If the unit is too close to a kitchen, bathroom or heat register, it may need to be relocated. The detector could be defective or simply old—consider replacing your detector if it is more than ten years old.