Propane tanks

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about propane tanks. Call the Minnetonka Fire Department at 952.939.8598 if you have further questions.

Where should I store my propane tank?
An old propane tank.All propane tanks should be stored outside or in a detached shed, protected from the elements and at least 10 feet from any openings to the building, including basement windows, doors and vents. Clear a 10-foot space around propane tanks. Keep this space in gravel, rock or short, well-watered grass.
How do I dispose of an old propane tank?
Take all empty propane tanks back to an outlet that refills them. Do not keep them around your home or garage and do not include them with your regular refuse pick up. For tank disposal, contact Bauer’s Custom Hitches, 13118 Excelsior Blvd., Minnetonka, at 952.979.9129, or Natrogas, 3900 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, at 612.529.9276. There is a fee for this service.