Capital Improvements Program

Laying sewer pipe is a capital investment.The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) (PDF: 3 MB) details the proposed capital expenditures for the city during the next five years. Similar to the city’s Annual Operating Budget, the CIP is a policy statement. In other words, its intent is to develop an analysis of the city’s ongoing capital needs for new construction of municipal facilities (infrastructure) and for the reconstruction and maintenance of the taxpayers’ substantial investment in streets, storm and sanitary sewers, parks, public buildings, and major capital equipment.

The CIP is also a major financial document, since the challenge facing the city is to provide and maintain facilities for our customers and stakeholders within the constraints of limited funding resources. To accomplish this objective, the city council and staff team need to work together to evaluate projects and funding constraints, so the council can ultimately establish priorities for the various projects proposed to be undertaken within the next five years.