The city budget is its annual plan for providing services to its citizens within the fiscal restraints of limited resources. The city structures its financial plan with a responsible, long-term management perspective to attain the overall goal of ensuring an ongoing capacity to provide quality public services to our residents and businesses at a reasonable price.

Managing the city's budget protects its piggy bank.The city follows an open, public process to review and adopt its annual budget and welcomes citizen input. The various city departments prepare their budget requests in June, which are then submitted to the city manager and finance director in July. After review by the city manager and finance director, budget requests are submitted to council for review in a study session in August. In September the city council adopts a preliminary budget and tax levy. In November the preliminary budget is reviewed in detail by city council, with adoption of the final budget and tax levy in December.

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Understanding changes to the Market Value Homestead Credit (MVHC)

For 2012, other factors will have a far greater impact on the property taxes of individual homeowners than the city’s responsible budget. Most significantly, the state made major changes to its Market Value Homestead Credit (MVHC) program. As a result, both property values and property taxes will vary greatly from city to city and even within cities. Many organizations have created resources to help explain these state changes, and links to a few of those resources are provided below.

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