Storm Water

Water from a storm pours into a street.

The city promotes storm water techniques that improve the quality of our run-off. Infiltration basins such as rain gardens help prevent an increase in the quantity of our storm water runoff and help improve the quality of that amount that is discharged.

If you have comments or suggestions on the city’s management of storm water or to report an illicit discharge such as a sanitary sewer service connected to a storm sewer system, please contact Liz Stout, Water Resources Engineer, 952.939.8233 or Minnetonka Mike.

To report construction site sedimentation or erosion affecting public streets or adjoining properties, you may contact Aaron Schwartz, 952.988.8422 or Minnetonka Mike.

To report a storm drain, catch basin, or drainage way that is broken or not working properly, contact Minnetonka Mike or call 952.988.8400.