2017 Election Calendar

May 16: Candidate filing begins (Mayor, Council Member at Large Seat A, Council Member at Large Seat B)

May 30: Candidate filing ends

June 2: Last day for a candidate to withdraw (5 p.m.)

June 23: Absentee voting for the municipal primary (if necessary) begins

August 8: Municipal Primary (if necessary)

September 22: Absentee voting for the municipal general election begins

November 7: Municipal General Election

2016 Post Election Review

Minnesota election law (M.S. 206.89) requires a post election review following every state general election to verify the accuracy of the voting equipment used in the state. Precincts are randomly selected in every county to have the races of President, Governor, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Representative recounted.

If during the review, the recounted totals in any of the races are more than one half of one percent different than the election day totals, further precincts are selected to be reviewed from that county.

This year, at its canvass of the 2016 State General Election, Hennepin County randomly selected two Minnetonka precincts for review. The ballots from Ward 3 Precinct D (St. Luke Presbyterian Church) and Ward 4 Precinct A (Ridgewood Church) were recounted on November 22 at Hennepin County.

The recounted totals matched the election day totals with zero discrepancy.


Election Judge Appreciation Day Proclamation 

Election Questions

If you have any questions regarding the election process, please call City Clerk David Maeda at 952-939-8218.