Legal Department

City Attorney’s Office

Nearly all of the city of Minnetonka’s legal work is handled by its in-house legal staff in the Minnetonka City Attorney’s Office. In-house city attorneys are unusual in the Twin Cities area—the only other cities in Hennepin County with in-house legal staff are Minneapolis and Bloomington.

The Minnetonka City Attorney’s Office provides legal work in two areas, outlined below. Outside attorneys are occasionally retained when the staff has a conflict of interest, when the caseload requires extra assistance, or when special expertise is needed, such as for municipal bonds.

Criminal Division

The office prosecutes petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor criminal violations that occur in the city of Minnetonka. Most of the criminal cases are heard at the Ridgedale Division of the Hennepin County District Court, located in the Hennepin County Library complex across from Ridgedale Center.