Grading and erosion control

Grading and erosion control permit

Permit Application

Plan requirements

New houses, additions, accessory buildings

A grading and erosion control plan must be submitted with all building permit applications. A grading and erosion control plan is a site plan that includes additional information. Building permits will be accepted only if the associated grading and erosion control plan includes all of the following:

General information
  • Adjacent wetlands, lakes, or creeks
  • Temporary stockpile locations
  • Temporary rock entrance
  • Direction of drainage clearly indicated
  • Silt fence location *
  • Significant trees adjacent to construction
    • Shade trees > 8-inch diameter
    • Conifers > 15 feet tall
  • Significant trees to be removed clearly indicated
  • Tree protection fencing *

* Erosion control and tree protection fencing must be installed and inspected before a building permit is issued. Please contact the natural resources division at 952.988.8422 to schedule an inspection.

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