The city promotes reforestation on many levels in order to promote a diverse community forest. Residents can purchase trees for their own yard through the tree sale, participate in a community tree planting project on Arbor Day, or receive advice on tree species for their yard.

What is tree diversity? A good rule-of-thumb for tree planting comes from the late geneticist Frank Santamour, Jr. at the U.S. National Arboretum.

He advocated planting the following:

  • No more than 10 percent of any one species (such as a bur oak)
  • No more than 20 percent from the same genus (such as any type of oak)
  • No more than 30 percent from within the same family (such as a tree related to oaks, including beech and chestnut trees)

Participate in the city's Annual Tree Sale each spring for new reforestation options.

Reforestation on large wooded parcels

Owners or managers of large properties may want to evaluate their ash populations and create a more comprehensive plan to prepare for the arrival of emerald ash borer. This may involve prioritizing the removals of declining ash, reforesting before the loss of ash trees, and/or chemical treatment of select trees.

Click here to view ash tree replacement options (pdf).