Community Development

The City of Minnetonka community development department ensures construction work and licensed business activities meet or exceed basic standards, and other programs offer important services to the community. Areas of responsibility include inspections, environmental health, building permits, planning and zoning (including reviews of proposed projects), licensing, and housing and redevelopment. Community development staff work actively to educate residents and businesses about code compliance and to assist them in developing a safer, well-planned, and healthier community. We believe education must be a central focus in our work, and substantial effort is put into sharing clear, timely information with residents and businesses.

Community Development Contacts

Julie Wischnack
Community Development Director, AICP
Alisha Gray
Economic Development and Housing Manager
Kathy Leervig
Community Development Coordinator
Celeste McDermott
Community Development Specialist
Karen Telega
Community Development Assistant

Planning and Zoning

The comprehensive plan is the city’s long-range guide to how property should be developed or redeveloped. The zoning ordinance defines the current rights that owners have for their properties. The zoning ordinance regulates many aspects of land use, such as the type of use, sign regulations, grading permits, landscaping requirements and environmental regulations. Environmental regulations include ordinances that protect wetlands, steep slopes, trees, shorelines and floodplains. Zoning changes require review by the planning commission and approval by the city council, and the planning staff serves as liaison to the planning commission.
Planning and Zoning Contacts
Department phone
Loren Gordon
City Planner, AICP
Susan Thomas
Assistant City Planner
Ashley Cauley
Senior Planner
Drew Ingvalson

Economic Development

The department staffs Minnetonka’s Economic Development Authority, which undertakes affordable housing and economic development efforts such as revitalizing the Minnetonka Boulevard/Hwy. 101 and Glen Lake commercial centers. Tax increment financing and housing and industrial bond financing are also coordinated through community development.


The city of Minnetonka community development department provides a number of services related to housing. The city provides housing rehabilitation grants and certain other housing assistance programs, often through outside agencies. The department works with Minnetonka’s Economic Development Authority, which undertakes affordable efforts such as aiding the Homes Within Reach Land Trust and adding affordable units in condominium/townhome developments.

Environmental Health

Environmental health is responsible for licensing and inspecting all food, beverage and lodging establishments in the city of Minnetonka, as well as public swimming pools and spas, and massage and tattoo facilities, and is responsible for coordinating the city’s nuisance violation program. Environmental health also investigates food-related complaints and suspected illnesses as well as air/water quality issues.

John Weinand
Environmental Health Supervisor
Lisa Gyswyt
Environmental Health Specialist
Nichelle Manchester
Environmental Health Specialist
Michael Greene
Environmental Health Specialist


The city licenses on- and off-sale liquor establishments, food and lodging establishments, contractors, and certain other businesses. Inspection staff monitors licensees for code compliance.
Licenses Contacts
Kathy Leervig
Community Development Coordinator


The city conducts plan reviews and fields inspections to ensure compliance with the State Building Code.
Inspections Contacts
Lenny Rutledge
Chief Building Official
Kevin McDermott
Building Inspector
Dan Menth
Building Inspector
Noel Westphal
Electrical Inspector
Mike Denny
Mechanical Inspector
Todd Triethart
Plumbing Inspector


The city issues permits to ensure compliance with the State Building Code.
General Permit Tech Line