Just as each state has its own laws, cities have the authority to create their own ordinances. These ordinances are assembled into a city code of ordinances. Minnetonka’s city code also includes the city’s charter. The City of Minnetonka Home Rule Charter is hosted online by American Legal Publishing.

If you have questions about items within the City Code, please call 952.939.8200 and your call will be directed to the appropriate department.

Recent ordinances

Ordinance no. 2016-10 (pdf)
          An ordinance opting out of the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, Section 462.3593.

Ordinance no. 2016-14  (pdf)
          An ordinance amending city code section 300.24, regarding the floodplain overlay district.

Ordinance no. 2016-15  (pdf)
          An ordinance amending city code section 710.005, regarding certain fees.

Ordinance no. 2017-01  (pdf)
          An ordinance amending Section 2.06 of the Minnetonka City Charter; relating to vacancies in offices and filling a temporary vacancy in office.

Ordinance no. 2017-03  (pdf)
          An ordinance amending Section 710.005, paragraph 7 regarding permit fees and Section 515.010, subsection 4 regarding contractor licensing.