Watch Cable Channel 16 live!

Cable Channel 16

Minnetonka’s Municipal Cable Access Channel 16 is one of the ways we share information with our community. Tune into this channel to view live cablecasts and replays of Minnetonka City Council and Minnetonka Planning Commission meetings. Other programming on this channel includes a video bulletin board and programs about local history and the environment. Contact Jeff Dulac at or 952.939.8386, for more information.

Videostreaming of meetings and other programming are also now available online.

Cable complaints

Television cable service in Minnetonka is provided through Comcast Cable.

If you have a question or a complaint, please contact Comcast directly at 612.522.2000 or

If you are unable to resolve your issue directly with Comcast, the city does help mediate unresolved complaints. You may then contact Jeff Dulac, 952.939.8200 or at If you haven’t contacted Comcast previously, you will be transferred to their customer support team.

Cable Television Rates

When Comcast changes its rates, the city receives a few calls from residents who ask what the city can do about the rate increases. For the most part, rate changes by cable providers are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and cities have no control over them. The city of Minnetonka is a member of the Southwest Cable Commission. The Commission’s attorney reviews rate changes to ensure they meet the requirements of the law.