Many businesses require a city of Minnetonka license. Those that do are listed below including the appropriate information and application forms. You may also call 952-939-8274 to request an application form or for additional information. Licensing fees vary depending on the business type. Minnetonka does not require a general business license.

Auto Fuel Station

The Auto Fuel Station license was eliminated in 2017. Please call 952.939.8274 with questions.

Body Art (Tattoo)

Please contact the city of Minnetonka for application paperwork.

Building Contractor

Building contractors are not licensed through Minnetonka.

All building contractors are required to be licensed through the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The City of Minnetonka will not issue a building permit to an unlicensed contractor. For more information on building contractors, contact the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry or call 651.284.5034. If a contractor is doing the work, the contractor--not the homeowner--is required to obtain all necessary permits.

If you homestead the property and are a resident homeowner of a single family dwelling, you may obtain the permits and do the work yourself, subject to the necessary inspections or you may serve as the general contractor for construction of your home; however, you must have a licensed electrician, plumber and heating contractor obtain permits and inspections for their work. As the general contractor, you will be responsible for the work and the inspections. The usual inspections for new construction are footing, framing, insulation, and a final. Inspections vary, depending on the project.

Coin Operated Machines

The Coin Operated Amusement Machine license was eliminated in 2017. Please call 952.939.8274 with questions.

Gambling, Raffles and Bingo

To obtain a form, please refer to the State of Minnesota The city will sign the form prior to your submittal to the state.


There are many types of licenses issued for establishments serving liquor. Please contact the licensing coordinator at 952-939-8274 or for the correct application and to inquire on the timing and process of the application.

Pawn, Precious Metal, Secondhand Dealer

Please contact the licensing coordinator at 952-939-8274 for the correct application and to inquire on the timing and process of the application.

Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers (Door-to-Door Sales)

List of Approved/Registered Peddlers  

Solicitors, peddlers, and canvassers are allowed in Minnetonka. Every resident and business has the right to prohibit peddlers and solicitors from their property. If you post a sign on your home or business that prohibits solicitors, they are not permitted to approach your property.

If you have a complaint about a door-to-door salesperson or soliciting party, immediately contact the Minnetonka Police Department at 952.939.8500.

For-profit sale of products or services requires a license from the city. Only licensed peddlers and solicitors will have a photo ID issued by the city. The city does not endorse any specific product or service by the issuing of this license.

Charitable organizations conducting door-to-door sales or solicitations do not need a license, unless they pay their solicitors. However, the city does request that charitable organizations register with the city.

For Profit Application

Non-Profit Application


Minnetonka does not require rental licenses.