Homeowner ordinance guidelines

Below are a number of guidelines for homeowners, summarized from the city code of ordinances. Please note that these are only selected guidelines. Please see the city code for details as well as for other ordinances that may be relevant for homeowners.

Garbage containers

All garbage and recycling containers must be stored out of public view except the evening before and the day of collection.

If the garbage and recycling containers are not stored inside a garage, the resident must install screening to hide the entire container from public view. Ordinance 835.015 (7)

Sprinkling restriction

In the interest of water conservation, lawn sprinkling is prohibited every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., year round. Residents may water outside these hours on odd/even- numbered days, depending on the last number of their address. Watering by hand-held hose or car washing is allowed at any time.

Private wells can be used any time, provided they are registered with Public Works (952.988.8400) and a visible yard sign is posted. Ordinance 1200.040


Minnetonka’s sign ordinance is one mechanism through which our community’s high aesthetic standards are established and enforced. The ordinance regulates the display of temporary and permanent signs in order to prevent and eliminate visual clutter from area roadways. Ordinance 300.30 (10)

The Minnetonka sign ordinance expressly prohibits:

  • Signs attached to trees and utility poles;
  • Signs within public right-of-way;
  • Signs located off premises

Signs for off-premises events, such as real estate open houses, garage sales, or other events must meet the following standards:

  • May only be displayed from 6 a.m. on Thursday to 6 p.m. on the following Sunday. Signs are not allowed Monday through Wednesday.
  • Must be at least 5 feet from the edge of a city street, and must not obstruct driver visibility at intersections.
  • Must not be located within the right-of-way of state or county roads.
  • Must be no larger than 3 square feet in area and no higher than 6 feet above the ground.
  • Must have the consent of the underlying property owner.
  • Limited to one per parcel of property for the same topic, location, event or matter.
  • The city may impound signs violating the conditions of the Ordinance. The fee to retrieve an impounded sign is $25 for the first offense and a higher penalty for subsequent violations.

Long grass/brush

The city regulates certain aspects of lawn and landscape maintenance to promote a safe and attractive community.

  • Lawns and landscaping, Ordinance 845.030
    • Turf grass and weeds must be maintained no higher than 10 inches. Wetlands, floodplains, drainage ponds and ditches, pastures, and undisturbed natural areas are exempt from this requirement.
    • Wooded areas may be established, but mulch or other approved material must be used around trees to control the growth of grass and weeds. Grass and weeds must be maintained no higher than 10 inches until they are eliminated by the shade of the trees.
    • Meadow or prairie areas may be established through transplanting or seeding. The original lawn or other vegetation must first be removed. The vegetation must be cut annually until it covers 75% of the area.
  • Brush, Ordinance 845.010
    • Accumulations or piles of brush and/or other organic material is prohibited, except for properly maintained compost piles.
    • Residents may bring branches up to 4″ in diameter to the Minnetonka Brush Dropoff. Call 952.939.8217 for information or check the Minnetonka Memo or website at www.eminnetonka.com.
  • Leaves and yardwaste, Ordinance 845.010
    • Leaves and grass may not be deposited or left in the public street or right-of-way, in wetlands, or on public property or on other people’s property.

Animal ordinances

The following are animal ordinance violations:

Excessive Barking
Continuous barking in excess of ten minutes. Ordinance 925.085(5)
Running at Large
An unrestrained dog off an owner’s property or on an improved trail or park property without a leash. Ordinance 925.085(1)
Dogs are not allowed on school property or on city beaches. Ordinance 925.085 (2)
Inadequate Food/Water
Animals should be provided with adequate food and water. Ordinance 925.080
Inadequate Shelter
Any animal kept outdoors should be provided with adequate shelter and bedding for protection from the sun, rain, snow, and temperatures below 50° F. Shelters must be of an adequate size and be moisture-proof and wind-proof. Ordinance 925.080(1A)
Required Identification Tags
Dogs older than six months must wear an identification tag with owner’s name and home telephone number. Ordinance 925.045(1)
Animal Bites
All animal bites must be reported to the police department within 24 hours. Ordinance 925.100
Multiple Animals
No person may keep more than two dogs; five cats; or five animals (combination of cats and dogs, but no more than two dogs) over six months old without obtaining a city permit. Ordinance 925.065
Dangerous Animals
All “dangerous animals” must be kept on a leash six feet long or less at all times when outside. If they are on the owners property, they may be kept in a fenced enclosure instead of leashed. Ordinance 925.105(2)


Peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants engage in a “regulated activity” in Minnetonka and are required to be licensed. Licenses may be obtained at city hall during normal business hours. All are required to abide by the city ordinances regulating their business.

The following is a partial list of regulations: Ordinance 630

  • Must wear a valid city-issued identification card.
  • Must not solicit on private property where signs indicate No Soliciting" and/or "No Trespassing.
  • Must not direct the activity at traffic.
  • Must not create a health or safety hazard.
  • Must conduct themselves in a courteous manner and must leave your property if requested to do so.
  • Must not use abusive or offensive language.
  • Must not make false statements.
  • Must not indicate that the city endorses their activity or products.

The following are exempt: Ordinance 630.020

  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Selling articles at wholesale to dealers.
  • Selling newspapers.
  • Selling farm and garden products (if the seller occupied the land it was grown on and cultivated the products).
  • Selling antiques or collectibles at a show (if the show lasts less than six days and has two or more sellers).
  • Home delivery of daily goods on a regular route (i.e. milkmen).
  • Solicitors on behalf of political, religious and nonprofit organizations.

It is recommended that a peddler or solicitor who is exempt still notify the city, in writing, of when and where they will be operating.

Noise ordinance

The City of Minnetonka prohibits loud, unnecessary, or unusual noise; noise that annoys, disturbs, or injures; and noise which endangers the comfort, health, peace, and safety of others. Ordinance 850.020

Violators of the ordinance may:

  • be given a warning;
  • be issued a citation and/or arrested;
  • be advised to end the party or gathering.

If a sound reproducing machine or a loud gathering is plainly audible at the property line between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., it is prima facie evidence of a violation of this ordinance.

Exceptions to the ordinance are as follows:

  • normal traffic noises
  • railroad noises
  • snow removal (if within 12 hours of a snowfall)
  • emergencies (utility repairs)


Hennepin County Ord. 16 / Minnetonka Ord. 1005.015

  • Under 12: home by 9 p.m., 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday
  • Ages 12–14: home by 10 p.m., 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday
  • Ages 15–17: home by 11 p.m., midnight on Friday and Saturday

Recreational Burns

Recreational burns are permitted within the city provided they comply with the following regulations: Ordinance 910.020

  • A permit must be obtained.
  • The fire must be smaller than 3 feet x 3 feet.
  • Clean firewood must be used.
  • Burning brush and leaves is prohibited.
  • Burning trash is prohibited (910.010).
  • A means to extinguish the fire must be provided (910.05).

Burn permits may be obtained online at eminnetonka.com or from the Minnetonka Fire Department at Station 1, 14550 Minnetonka Blvd., 952.939.8598, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Residential parking

The City of Minnetonka regulates the outside parking and storage of vehicles, including utility and boat trailers. The following is a partial list of parking and storage regulations:

  • Parking is prohibited on any city street between 2–6 a.m. At no time may a vehicle be parked on the street for a period longer than six hours. Ordinance 930.030 (6)
  • No more than four vehicles may be parked or stored anywhere outside a home. All vehicles must be owned by the residents of the dwelling (excluding occasional guests). Vehicles parked in a front yard area must be on a paved or gravel (not dirt) surface. Ordinance 845.020 (3)
  • Vehicles with a weight classification of G-T (license plate tabs) may not park on any property or on any street within the city for longer than two hours. Vehicles parked inside a garage are excluded. Ordinance 845.020 (3)
  • Vehicles may not be parked in a manner that interferes with snow removal from the street. Ordinance 845.025 (2)

Vehicles parked in violation of any of these ordinances may be tagged and/or towed.

Abandoned vehicles

Storage of junk and abandoned vehicles is a serious issue in many Minnetonka neighborhoods. Sometimes, junk vehicles are a nuisance to some residents, while the owner may be unaware of the problem.

The following vehicles constitute nuisances and are in violation:

  • Abandoned Vehicle(s), Ordinance 845.025
    Any motor vehicle that has remained more than 48 hours on public property and lacks vital component parts (motor, drive train, wheels, etc.).
  • Abandoned Vehicle(s), Ordinance 845.025
    Any motor vehicle that has remained more than 48 hours on private property and is in inoperable condition (includes vehicles on blocks or jacks, vehicles with missing or defective parts necessary for normal operation, and vehicles whose tabs are more than six months expired). Storage inside an enclosed garage or building is allowed.

Displaying addresses

In the interest of public safety, the City of Minnetonka requires all public and private properties to conspicuously display their address. With the high number of hidden homes, wooded lots, and dense business districts in the city, displaying street addresses makes good common sense.

Each separate residential, commercial, and industrial building in the city must display its street numbers on the building so they are visible from the street. If that is not possible, they must also be posted at the street entrance to the building. Ordinance 1110.015

For-sale items

The city of Minnetonka regulates the leaving or displaying of items for sale on public, vacant, or private property, or public right-of-way, (commonly referred to as the boulevard) which is approximately 10- 15 feet back from the curb.

  • Nothing may be displayed or left for sale on public property or within the public right-of-way. Ordinance 845.010 (2)
  • Vehicles displayed in a front yard must be parked on paved or improved surfaces. Ordinance 845.020(3)
  • Only vehicles owned by persons residing at a property may be displayed for sale on that property. Ordinance 845.010 (2)


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