Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the city of Minnetonka recently received a $530,000 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the Department of Energy. The purpose of the program is to assist grant recipients in creating and implementing strategies to reduce fossil fuel emissions; reduce total energy use; and improve energy efficiency.

With this grant, the city has identified several projects to retrofit existing city buildings in order to reduce total energy use and improve efficiency, including:

  • Upgrading boiler systems to energy efficient systems at the Minnetonka Community Center and the Police Department.
  • Installing occupancy sensors in various city facilities.
  • Installing energy efficient air handlers at Minnetonka City Hall, the Minnetonka Police Department, and Minnetonka Fire Station 1.
  • Retrofitting parking lot lights at city facilities for energy use reduction.
  • Retrofitting lighting in the Minnetonka Community Center banquet room and the Minnetonka City Hall lobby for better efficiency.
  • Retrofitting baseball field lights at Big Willow Park and hockey field lighting at Gro Tonka Park, both for energy use reduction.

View the application that was submitted for this grant for more details on this initiative.