About Minnetonka

Located in Hennepin County just eight miles west of Minneapolis, Minnetonka is a fully developed suburban community of just over 51,000 residents.

Minnetonka is proud of its reputation as a city that preserves its natural resources—residents can enjoy 49 community parks, more than 81 miles of maintained sidewalks and trails and more than 1,000 acres of public open space, as well as natural scenery that includes mature trees, wetlands and prairies.

While Minnetonka shares its name with the very popular Lake Minnetonka, the city of Minnetonka includes only one small bay of the lake – Gray’s Bay, which forms the headwaters of Minnehaha Creek.


Minnetonka has a long and interesting history, from when the land was first settled by Dakotah and Ojibway Indians, to its inclusion in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, to its first recorded exploration by European settlers in 1822, to its mid-to-late 1800s reputation as a center for saw and flour mills and the building of the Burwell House, to its progression from a township to a village, and finally to a city.

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Each year, the Metropolitan Council provides updated figures on Minnetonka’s official population. The city’s assessing department provides annual information on median home sales prices, home values and property taxes. Additional statistics are drawn from the most recent U.S. Census.

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The city provides maps of council wards and precincts, parks and trails, land use and zoning.

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New Resident Information

If you are new to Minnetonka, welcome! You’ll find everything you need to know about the city, right here in one place.

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Community Resources

Minnetonka is served by a wealth of community resources, including three public school districts and three private schools, two libraries, many churches, a variety of transportation options, utility companies and other community agencies.

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