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Vitaly Chernikh, 1503 Linner Road

Minnetonka Corporate Center, 12800 and 12900 Whitewater Drive

Unleashed, 14901 Minnetonka Industrial Road

Minnetonka Executive Plaza, 10275 Wayzata Boulevard

Glen Lake Village Center Study

Zuhrah Shriners, 6120 Blue Circle Drive

Todd Limond, 3441 Therese Street

Sara and Erik Ahlquist, 14509 Karyl Drive

One Two One, 14217 and 14301 Stewart Lane

TJU Construction, 4901 Acorn Ridge Road

ATT Tower, 10500 Hillside Lane West

Play and Learn Cafe, 10982 Cedar Lake Road

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 5701 Eden Prairie Road

Glen Creek Lodge, 5708 Glen Ave

Eugene Dabrowski, 14714 Woodhaven Rd

Banfield Pet Hospital (Hwy. 7), 11341 State Hwy. 7

Highland Bank Redevelopment, 1730 Plymouth Road

Whitten and Associates, 4301 Highview Place

Tonkadale Nursery 2014, 3723 Tonkawood Road

Koch Hill Estates, 3550 & 3554 Shady Oak Road

Applewood Pointe, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd.

At Home Apartments, 5709 Rowland Road

North Western Glen Lake Planning Study

Ridgedale Facade Improvements, 12401 Wayzata Blvd.

Highland Bank Redevelopment Concept Plan, 1730 Plymouth Road

Kraemer’s Hardware Redevelopment (Concept Plan), 14730 Excelsior Blvd and 5439 Williston Rd

Saville Properties (Concept Plan), SE Corner of Co Rd 101/Excelsior Blvd

Carlson Island Apartments, unassigned (adjacent to 601/701 Carlson Parkway)

Legacy Oaks, 100, 116, 118, 200, 220, and 302 Parkers Lake Road

Nordstrom and Ridgedale Mall Expansion, 12401 Wayzata Blvd

Groveland Pond Townhomes (2014), 17113 Minnetonka Blvd

Tonka on the Creek (2014), 9731 Minnetonka Blvd.

Tonka on the Creek, 9731 Minnetonka Blvd

Glen Lake Station, 14530 Excelsior Blvd

Woods of Fairview, 4415 Fairview Ave

Park Valley Estates, 3609 Park Valley Road

Glen Lake Redevelopment, Site A: St. Therese, Corner of Woodhill Road and Tree Street

Southwest LRT (Green Line Extension)

Glen Lake Redevelopment


Street rehabilitation

2015 Street Rehabilitation

Williston Road / Lake Street Extension Mill and Overlay Project

2014 Street Rehabilitation: Sparrow Road Area

2013 Street Rehabilitation: Sparrow Road

Intersection improvements

I-394 Ridgedale Ramp

Shady Oak Road (CSAH 61) / TH 62 Interchange Improvements

Road reconstruction

County Road 101 Reconstruction—County Road 62 to Hutchins Drive

County Road 101 Reconstruction—Minnetonka Boulevard to TH 12

Shady Oak Road (CSAH 61) Reconstruction: County Road 3 to Highway 7

Drainage and Storm Sewer

Storm sewer improvements
Water quality improvements


New parking lot for Williston, Three Rivers Park Regional Trail

Shady Oak Road Trail: TH62 to Bren Road

Eden Prairie Road Sidewalk and Gatewood Area Improvements

Ridgedale Village Center study

Transit Study

City of Minnetonka/Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Proposed Joint Facility

Village Center Study—Highway 7 and County Road 101

Questions about wireless antennas

Water/Sewer Utility

City code updates

Environmental Ordinance Updates

Park regulations update

Parks Renewal

Minnetonka Mills Park, 13209 McGinty Rd E, between Burwell House and I-494

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City Council

Planning Commission

Park Board

Economic Development Advisory Commission

Economic Development Authority

Police Advisory Committee

History Commission

Senior Citizen Advisory Board

Community Commission

Comprehensive Guide Plan Steering Committee

Charter Commission

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You can choose to receive updates via e-mail on various types of jobs.

Please note: you will only receive e-mails when jobs are posted. The majority of the public works and recreation jobs are posted in the early spring, and by signing up, you may receive many e-mails at that time with announcements of each job.





Public Works/Natural Resources

Seasonal and year-round recreation

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City Calendar

Upcoming City Council Meetings List

Solicitors, Peddlers, and Canvassers

Youth Hockey

Youth Basketball

Williston Fitness Center Schedules

Cable Channel 16

Adult Yard Games

Adult Soccer

Senior Services

Adult Broomball

Adult Badminton

Adult Basketball

Adult Volleyball

Recreation Brochure

Adult Softball

Adult Wiffleball

Adult Kickball

Adult Football

Youth Soccer

Youth Baseball

Traffic Details

Traffic Citations

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